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This track had been sitting in the archives since August 2011 due to an unknown but niggling problem I had with putting it into the public domain. As it stands, I do not believe the track is finished and still lacks a certain something. However, after countless hours attempting to find this ‘Je ne sais quoi’ I admitted defeat and left it to exist as it had from its inception.

The music was composed in one two hour sitting after a long sleepless night under the mentally liberating influence of MDMA. As performances go, the music was easy to play first and foremost because it’s not technically complex, but more importantly, I knew exactly where it lay in my concious mind. It was a beautiful memory of a freedom pure and untouched, one seldom known in today’s claustrophobic globe. Luckily this memory willingly transpired into music whilst the humble sun rose over Ostkreuz and the drugs began to wear off somewhat.

The world we inhabit is closing in on us rapidly. With each passing day our digitalism and symbiotic embrace with the matrix grow ever more apparent. This it would appear, is our evolution. It is the next stage in human development, or perhaps, the final stage. Almost Digital was a concious attempt to document that social and mental change musically.

I would like to dedicate this piece to one of my most important musical influences, Sergei Rachmaninov. His music nurtured me through the hardest times, filled me with pain, sorrow, happiness and an emotion so pure unlike no other. (with the possible exception of Jeff Buckley.)

For those who may never have come across his work classical lovers or not, his Piano Concerto No. 2 should give an indication of his genius with this particular performance given my Rachmaninov himself. From 5:24 seconds in it’s almost impossible not to shudder as he delves into the eternal darkness that is human existence. Rachmaninov was always more intrigued by the darker aspects of reality and makes no effort to hide this in his compositions. It should also be noted that during his lifetime the works he composed were almost impossible to replicate and he stood alone as one of the worlds greatest ever pianists, if not musicians.


As with every tribute or dedication, this is infinitely inferior in every respect to the musical deity that was Rachmaninov. However, my attempts to build this piece with euphoric interludes in mind is undoubtedly a result of his influence through my academic musical years.

Rachmaninov was one of the last connections, if not the absolute last, between 19thcentury romanticism and modern times which bodes nicely as the final sentence in this ultimately useless ramble. As we soldier on into the digital age leaving behind all notions of analogue romanticism I give you my somewhat lacking musical interpretation of this feeling.

“Were these rules always here,

Or one day did they magically appear?

Once we’re tracked through the world’s.

Connected, always together.

Connected, always together.

And we must become, almost digital. “


Composed in Berlin, conceived in the Berghain. 

для Сергея и В. Штимац



Marimbas played by Adam Holmes
Track composed and produced by Zambianastronaut