Beautiful Color Grading

Color grade to increase the production values of your video.

Color Grade Showreel


DaVinci Resolve Studio is the industry standard color and grading program used on academy award winning feature films, music videos, series and documentaries.  To increase the production values of your video it is now within the smallest production budgets whilst adding another layer of professionalism and gloss to your video project.

Depending on what sort of camera (or settings) you’ve shot on, there are differing levels of what can be achieved. For example, the potential for coloring a RAW 12 Bit Black Magic shot is far greater than an already internally processed camera phone scene. There is always scope to make things more interesting on all formats.


I am able to add subtle color corrections to keep shots balanced in differing lights, all the way up to full color grading with numerous nodes and complex looks.


Pro Software

Da Vinci Resolve Studio.


Complex Color Grade

Mood coloring and full grading.


Codec ready

ProRes – Mp4 – RAW – All file types covered.


Color Correction

Color Correction for natural looks.


All budgets covered.

Color grading now within the reach of all budgets.


Powerful Workstation

High end MacPro ready for your projects.

Final Edit

Send me a downloadable link of the final render on Gdrive, Dropbox, etc.

Scene cut and Color Grade

I’ll get to work by splitting the scenes and coloring each specifically.

Receive final graded edit

I’ll send you a downloadable link of a High Quality ProRes or output type of your choosing.

Get in touch with your project.

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