Video and Design services - Pay with Crypto

I accept Bitcoin / DASH / Litecoin / Ethereum and more.

Are you looking for creative services such as video editing, audio production and post production?

Cryto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum etc are becoming more and more used today and few services allow video production, audio production and post production like color grading to be paid in these currencies.

I have been involved with cryptos since the inception and would love to work with clients who are looking to create beautiful digital design using video, audio and color grading.

I offer all of these services with the ability to pay in Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin , Ethereum and more.

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Bitcoin Accepted


Use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and various other alt coins to pay for video editing, production, audio and more.


Are you looking for a promotional video for your facebook page? Maybe a short sizzle video for your instagram marketing? Either way, I can provide a sterling service, top quality product and all can be paid for in Bitcoin and various other Cryptos.

Prices start at £99 or the equivalent value in alts. Price will be arranged on day of booking.



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