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Music / Film / Color

2 X BAFTA New talent winner.

Da Vinci Resolve Colorist

Full color grading services covering short films, music videos and documentaries.


Self Shooting Producer

Self shooting producer based in the Balkans.

Available to travel and shoot worldwide for your video productions.


Bespoke Music Score

Film score – bespoke music composition for adverts, documentaries or commercials.


I use Logic Pro X with a numerous suite of after market plugins including PSP Audiowave, Lexicon and thousands of instrument patches including full orchestral symphony orchestra.


I shoot on the Black Magic Cinema Camera at 2.5K RAW resolution giving incredible Color Grading and post production potential. These are the same cameras used to shoot a large amount of Mad Max Fury Road for example.
Dual Xeon Powered DAW


The main station is a 16 Core Xeon with 32GB ram and a multi – GPU setup for Color grading and 3D modelling capabilities.

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Zambianastronaut Scottish Music Producer
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