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Nase Foai - Pati (Colorist)

November – 2016

Nase Foai - Pati

Colorist for the Austrailian / New Zealand based Nase Foai which is a fusion between Pate/Log Drum and the Modern electronic sound. Shot with both Hip Hop Dancers – Taimania Foa’i and Island Dancers – Edwin Pita


Dynasty Productions introduces the LogTronix Sound. The Fusion between the Pate/Log Drum and the Modern Electronic Sound. — Pati Music Video Credits Artist: Nase Foai Genre: LogTronix Record Label: Dynasty Productions Production Crew: Directed, Produced and Edited by Dynasty Productions Director Of Photography: Mick Jones Cinematographer and Assistant: Filthy Look Films Moving Cameraman: ReeFocus

Color Grade / Colorist

  • Colorist

Programs Used

Da Vinci Resolve Studio

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