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Video Production

Music videos, promos, cars, film.

Below you will find a selection of different styles and shoots I’ve taken part in including, music videos, documentaries, coloring jobs and some behind the scenes on various locations.

Da Vinci Resolve Colorist Showreel

A selection of my color grading and color correction portfolio. Most of the shots in here I’ve shot myself in some of the various music videos, documentaries, corporate or advertising jobs I’ve taken part in.

MOG & ZA – Lostboys

Shot in the summer of 2016 in Belgrade, Serbia. MOG & ZA reunite to create the track and video, “Lostboys”. Shot on the Black Magic Cinema camera and color graded using Da Vinci Resolve Studio.


Behind The Scenes & Showreel

Behind the scenes with Z.A and Hendo on various video shoots. This short culminates with an action packed showreel and an epic bespoke music composition to close.

Bang Dirty – Break Up

Shot in conjunction with fellow Edinburgh based TDSLR and edited by Z.A, Tommy Slack and Adam Holmes.

Rewired – Powerlines

Directed by Z.A and Iain Hendo shot in tandem with Vivid Elements this music video encompassed the graceful ballet moves of Sarah along with some crisp cinematic Black Magic shots and G4 for slow-mo.

GoodCopGreatCop – Write on me

Filmed in Perth on both Black Magic Cinema and Panasonic G4. This was a self shooting producer setup with a quick turnaround. The band wanted something similar and sharp within in a tight budget.

MOG & Z.A – Ze Muney

Another early music video shot as a parody of Robert Johnson’s “Crossroads” recounting the infamous selling of his soul to the devil. MOG plays Johnson and Z.A the devil. All in all there are no winners as the lure of the ultimate evil, cold hard cash prevails.

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